Check dirty name and debts over the Internet


Check dirty name on the internet ?

Check dirty name on the internet ?


Check debts over the Internet? Check if the name is clean or dirty in the credit protection agencies SCPC / SPC, is it possible? Now is! Many protection bodies including the SPC / SCPC are invested heavily in renegotiating debts and offering the opportunity of the debtor citizen to “clear their name in the SPC and Serasa”; in addition, as financial education is fashionable the organs are also teaching, to negotiate and get out of debt, is all part of the script.

If you have the dirty name in the records of the Central Credit Protection Service (SCPC), the body that holds data and information of unpaid financial pending and overdue accounts of citizens throughout Brazil, check name dirty by the internet is now real, are already available for consultation at, Boa Vista Serviços, which manages the delinquent registry.

The Debit Query allows a delinquent consumer to access in a practical way all their financial issues registered with the Central Credit Protection Service (SCPC). By consulting debts, the consumer informs about who the creditor is and how to contact him for possible negotiation.

In order to consult the dirty name on the Internet , the citizen must receive the “debit registration card” by the mail sent by the SCPC / SPC informing the consumer about the denial of his name , the letter will contain a protocol number, the protocol will function as a password, this password allows access to information on the debit query page.

The initiative is favorable to the consumer, rather the consumer to consult dirty name , needed to go personally to a regional service station of SCPC, a body maintained by trade associations.

With the new online page of the “Consumer Support Movement”, the debtor finds a huge facility in obtaining information about their debts.

Other services are available on the online service such as: alert checks and stolen and lost documents.

Download here the Home Budgeting Sheet and the Family Budget Worksheet, which is intended to assist in the planning of finances.

Booklet Household Budget: Booklet – Worksheet Family Budget: Worksheet

Clear name with restriction in the square with Serasa instructions

Serasa promotes the Fair Debt Name to indebted renegotiate debt

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