Make You’re Payday Loan Secure. It’s Trustable?


Credit Personal Loan Online : Make Your Loan Insurance Safe? You probably already have seen or read something about Creditas and should be wondering if this Fintech (credit company loans) really is reliable. Creditas is the new name and new brand adopted by a company previously known to be engaged in the activity of banking correspondent – BankFácil.

The site aims to offer quickly and easily the contracting of personal loans as well as offers of other types of financial products – in addition to making a comparison of such products through the support of several financial institutions, so that their clients have the opportunity to choose a proposal that best suits your expectations and needs.

Through the online platform users can have access to loan products with property under warranty and also loan with vehicle under warranty.

The loan with online credit is an increasingly recurrent modality in the Brazilian market, the facilitating medium is the internet, and motivator is our current political and economic situation. Today many people are finding themselves in very complicated financial situations, and going in search of such an alternative can be a great way to remedy the financial problem in the day to day budget.


Does Creditas Online Loan Work?

The fact is that we are not always able to keep our accounts up to date, and dribbling debts more and more becomes a challenge, and having a quick and simple money supply is a way to organize your life and even even start thinking about putting new personal projects into action!

If you have concerns about hiring personal credit online or still do not feel secure about this mode of service, know that you can heal your points right now! – Check out the next article for more information on this subject and find out how to get your accounts up to date as soon as possible!


 How does this platform work?

Creditas - How does this platform work?

Understand now how to apply for your personal credit!
The whole process is very fast, intuitive and simple – it’s really all that any user wants when it comes to starting this kind of process, is not it? The process of request, analysis and approval is totally uncomplicated and requires a lot of time to complete the entire operation.

How to make a loan at Creditas

 How to make a loan at Creditas

Step 1: First, the user must access the website and immediately make the selection of the loan that he / she wants. To do this, try to fill in all the data requested, as this is the first step you can take in soon a proposal.

2 – step: Once your form is forwarded to the company it will accept it so that the credit analysis process starts. If your review is promptly approved, the website itself will contact you to explain all points and even cure any questions you may have.

Credit card loans

 Credit card loans


A positive point of Creditas is that through this first contact it still stands next to its customers, helping in all stages of formalization of the process until the money is actually released to be deposited in your bank account!

And is online personal loan really safe? Understand more about this and ask your questions!
We are not always comfortable doing certain processes through the internet environment! Whether it is for fear of having to face situations of fraud, or even for lack of information.

But when it comes to personal credit online, this fear does not need, nor should it, be carried forward! This type of service has been around for a long time in other countries and is the most recurrent mode in the United States!

  • Here in Brazil the consolidation of this type of online service is seen as recent, however, it has gained some very promising data throughout its existence. The fact is that this type of hiring in the online environment allows very significant benefits – the first one is the convenience issue!


Loan facilities 

 Loan facilities Creditas


Imagine solving the entire process of soliciting and simulating personal credit through a few clicks without leaving your home? “That’s what happens!” And even at the time of formalizing the proposal, this is maintained, because the documentation is also sent in this way.


The second point refers to the amounts applied – which are essentially more in account than those that are practiced by the financial stores available in the country!


Is Creditas really reliable and secure?


 Is Creditas really reliable and secure?


What are the reasons that will convince you to close deal with this online loan site! The company has been active in the market for just over 5 years and has important partners at its side – which are renowned and serious groups of international and national investors.

Other than that, the site environment still has digital certification, which means that any and all data you provide to the site is widely encrypted, adding even more security!

In the Reclame website There are few requests for service, however, 100% have been fully answered and have been evaluated – site does not yet have rating or rating evaluation.

The Creditas headquarters is located in the city of São Paulo, in the South Zone, and so you can request your personal credit, just access the website link!

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