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Withdraw your name from the SPC and SERASA “We have partnered with staff from institutions that exclude default information on official inquiry systems.” This is one of the headlines of e-mail circulating on the Internet offering services to clear name . The most interesting thing about this whole story is that although people know that this is illegal, they mostly participate or seek more information about such mockery.
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Want to clear your name right now? This is a great opportunity! The service consists of “downloading all the registrations and inscriptions” of debts that resulted in the inclusion of your CPF as debtor or defaulter.

We cleaned your name directly on the databases of SPC Brazil and Serasa Experian in the same way as if the debts had been paid and you still manage to improve your credit score and bank score in just over a month and you can shop, borrow and financing in banks and financial institutions normally.

CPF Consultation “Nada Consta” in SPC and Serasa

 CPF Consultation "Nada Consta" in SPC and Serasa

Note : Although you get your name totally clean, you will continue owing to your lender or provider. You do not have to pay anything or renegotiate the arrears, however, when consulting your CPF in SPC and Serasa, the system will present “NOTHING CONSTA” because all the information on defaults no longer exists completely.

With your clean name, you will get your credit reinstated back into the financial system, and when you apply for credit or personal loans, without that of begging for a negative loan, you will no longer be disapproved by conventional banks, more restrictions will appear on your name. That simple!

” Do you want to leave SPC and Serasa without paying your debts? Please email us as soon as possible to get your questions answered. Have a new life with credit and a clean name. “

” This offer transcribed in the text is apparently tempting but it is not real, that it is clear that we are not offering any parallel service to remove your name from the SPC and Serasa without paying the debts, ” Team PDE.

Leave the SPC and Serasa without paying the debts

Leave the SPC and Serasa without paying the debts

The first five paragraphs of the article is the transcript of an email we received on our contact page with the offer. The alleged service is provided with payment of only 20% of the debt consulted in the protection agencies, that is, you will have to pay 20% of the total that you owe to the creditors and only then will be ” free of debt “, that is where you fool yourself !!!

The fraud is well elaborated, in addition to the very informative text, the email contained the contact email and telephone for the negotiation, a detail caught my attention – the supposed service provider informed to attend only by email and mobile phone, not being able to the client to a physical location.

What impresses me really is not the fact that people offer this type of illicit service, we know that the stellar masters are always scheming plans and strategies to victimize their future prospects. I am surprised that ordinary, “honest” people hire this type of service.


Have the name taken from the SPC and Serasa


Have the name taken from the SPC and Serasa


I’m particularly bored to know that there are thousands of people who are sure to get the offer in the email, at the very least going to find out if there is a real fund in the ad, and hundreds will fall into the coup believing they will have their names taken from the SPC and Serasa paying only $ 199.00 or 20% of the outstanding debt, to the fraudster, of course!

My question – Why are frauds increasing? The method for the answer is simple, the most obvious reason for the increase in fraud I listed below are:

  1. Most of them want to get along in some way (to take advantage)
  2. People’s greed evolved to the level of ostentation
  3. Less money in the pocket of some classes of people
  4. Many are seeking more money at all costs
  5. Do not have bank credit and in general trade

It is worth mentioning that since virtually all of our basic survival needs require money, it is not surprising that his lack makes people anxious and desperate.


Making money from someone else’s greed


Making money from someone else

The coup makers in turn try to capitalize on this desperation by offering types of services that “supply” these needs by knowing that in the eyes of many citizens, the offers are good.

One of the biggest problems that further fuels the potential of fraudsters is our “Jesuit Culture”, wanting to get on with everything. Just see what happens behind the scenes of our politics, we have good examples every day on the news – do you read or watch newspapers?

► The economist Carlos Henrique de Almeida representing Serasa, said, “The only possible way to clear the name in the credit protection service is to pay off the debts.”





Dishonest services such as ” clearing the name of SPC and Serasa without paying what they should ” will always exist, we can not forget that who makes them prosper is the people who buy this “Brazilian way” of dealing with bureaucracies thinking that they will profit something or circumvent the system.

Do not be a part of this minority of unconscious citizens when you try to ” Take your name from SPC and SERASA without paying .” On Serasa’s official website is a page with various types of fake emails that are used for scams.

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